"If You Go Down To The Woods Today..." Britain s Haunted Forests

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id="mod_15398411">Haunted woods in Britain
"If you go down to the woods today
You're sure of a big surprise..."
(from the song 'The Teddy Bear's Picnic')

If witness accounts are to be believed kynghidongduong.vn it's not teddy bear's having a picnic in the woods that we have to worry about, but something far more unearthly.

From a very young age most of us, in some form, have been exposed to dark, mysterious woodlands that hold all manner of weird and wonderful creatures. From fairy tales, nursery rhymes and childhood songs we are primed to expect the unexpected from the depths of the forests. However, rather than story book characters there would seem to be real and much more sinister entities stalking the forests of the UK.

The strangest encounters known within the realms of the paranormal are often found in forests and wooded areas. Is this just the eye and the mind playing tricks? | Source Lair (The Rats Trilogy Book 2) Buy Now Source The Nature of the Hauntings
A variety of entities haunt forests not only in the UK but world wide. In addition to ghosts, there are other strange forms encountered. Some, but not all, may be malevolent. Here is a summary of the most commonly observed phenomena:

Ghosts and spirits

Strange Lights

Supernatural Creatures

Sounds with no obvious source - laughter, screaming, banging, talking

Shadow entities

High Strangeness Events - werewolves, demon dogs etc.

UFO's - many haunted woodlands can also be UFO 'hotspots

The Hermits Cave, Derbyshire, located in Hermits Wood. Many strange encounters have happened around this area. | Source The Book of Shadows : The Unofficial Charmed Companion Buy Now Wychwood Forest - the scene for many strange ghostly encounters. | Source Haunted Locations
Below are two of the most interesting encounters in haunted woods:

Hermit's Wood - Derbyshire, England
Located near Ikleston in Derbyshire is an ancient area of woodland. One of the most common phenomena said to occur is strange banging noises, often accompanied by a change of normal to a very oppressive atmosphere. Witnesses claim they begin to get the overwhelming sensation of not only being watched but also followed. In addition, people have reported the apparition of a monk or some other hooded form. For the most part the ghost is generally seen at nighttime rather than during the day. Whether or not this spirit is also responsible for the change in atmosphere is unclear.

Tradition tends to blame the paranormal phenomena on a location within the forest that was once a hermit's cave. Legend states that a monk, probably from the nearby Abbey of Dale, hung himself at this location and continues to haunt the area.

Wychwood Forest - Oxfordshire, England
Like many of the UK's ancient forests, this beautiful location is not only mysterious but has had many incidents of a supernatural kind.

Paranormal phenomena is varied. Witnesses have claimed not only the sensation of being watched and followed, but have the horrible sensation of being touched when no one was there. Many observers have also had the unpleasant feeling of nausea - a frequent manifestation of haunted locations. Sounds heard are numerous ranging from unseen horses walking to whispers and shouts. Other witnesses report the presence of invisible riders around the forest at night - only hearing the sounds of the horses hooves. More disturbingly, the spectre of a horse drawn cart driven by a man and containing two weeping children has also been witnessed on a number of occasions.

One particular tree in the area is a hotspot of activity. It is thought to have been used as a 'hanging tree'. In other words it was used to hang criminals sentenced to death by the local courts. People have reported the sensation of a male presence around the tree and feelings of oppression and dread. The latter is hardly surprising given it's history.

Cannock Chase, Staffordshire has a long history of paranormal incidents. | Source The Encyclopedia of the Paranormal Buy Now People still claim today to have seen werewolves and similar supernatural beings. | Source High Strangeness in Cannock Chase, Staffordshire
There are some haunted woodlands that are paranormal hotspots! In addition to numerous manifestations, they are also noted for cases described as 'high strangeness'. This definition basically describes incidents or entities that are bizarre in comparison to the more usual form of ghostly encounter.

The location below is a good representation of a high strangeness site:

Cannock Chase Woods - Staffordshire, England
Cannock Chase woods and the surrounding area is a location noted for outstanding beauty and ancient history. It is also one of the most paranormally active areas in the UK. Not just ghosts have been witnessed here, but other strange beings that have terrified witnesses.

The area also has a high level of UFO sightings that have been reported for decades. Both strange lights and craft have been witnessed in this location.

In addition, there have literally been thousands of observations over the years of a large black cat - frequently described as panther like - that stalks the Cannock Chase Woods and the surrounding country side.

One of the weirdest entities is a demonic dog that is believed to haunt the area. Witnessed by numerous people, the description seems to be the same - huge and muscular, with abnormally pointed ears and glowing eyes. This terrifying spectacle is often seen at night.

Another strange creature has been observed at night but unusually also during the day. This particular entity has been described as being like a werewolf. When witnesses first come across this creature they think it is an unusually large dog. On closer inspection, and for some reason unknown to the witnesses, they start to become very uneasy. When the creature becomes aware of them, it rears onto its hind legs and moves like lightening into the woods, running not on all fours, but only on its hind legs. This creature has been witnessed by many credible people - many who will not give their name publicly for fear of ridicule - but are adamant about what they have seen.

Another strange occurrence is a ghost like figure known as 'The Lady of the Chase'. This female apparition has been seen on numerous occasions around Cannock Chase Woods and the surrounding area. However, this spectre does not seem to be an ordinary woman. Witnesses describe her as being tall and slender and having a female shape. However, she has no breasts nor any sign of genitalia. But the eyes are described as being extremely large, dark and very hypnotic.

Cannock Chase has hundreds of reports of strange creatures and ghosts. | Source What's The Most Frightening?
If you were on your own, what do you think would frighten you the most?

Walking through a cemetery at night

Walking through a known haunted house at night

Walking through a forest at night
See results Conclusion
Woodlands and forests all over the world will, I have no doubt, continue to be a focus for the supernatural.Whether most of the strangeness witnessed is paranormal or natural phenomena will continue to be debated and researched.

However, even if many are found to be natural phenomena, this would still leave many accounts that are unexplained. Whether it's ancient earth spirits protecting themselves, supernatural creatures, other dimensions or visitors from elsewhere in the cosmos, our woodlands are destined to remain a mystifying abode for the strange and frightening.

© 2011 Helen Murphy Howell

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AUTHORHelen Murphy Howell

5 years ago from Fife, Scotland

Hi daborn7, many apologies for taking so long to respond to you, I haven't been around Hub Pages for a couple of months or so. Glad that you enjoyed the hub and yes, I really enjoyed this one!!!


5 years ago from California

Seeker7, no worries :) It looked like you had fun writing it! Hub on!

tour dubai AUTHORHelen Murphy Howell

5 years ago from Fife, Scotland

Hi daborn7, firstly huge apologies for taking so long to reply to your lovely comment - its greatly appreciated. I'm really glad you enjoyed the hub as I had a fun time writing it - during the day time of course. I'm not that scared of most paranormal stuff but there are exceptions such as woods at night time - that would scare the pants of me big time! LOL


5 years ago from California

I have chills right now. No lie, I knew I would enjoy this hub when I read the title. I love this kind of stuff, though I probably should have waited till daytime to read it. LOL. I would probably not walk into those woods at night for sure, but maybe during the day my interest would get me to go in there and check it out. I love the pictures, and you did an amazing job on this hub. Voted up. Thank you for sharing.

AUTHORHelen Murphy Howell

5 years ago from Fife, Scotland

Hi ruthwalker, many thanks for stopping by and glad you enjoyed the hub - even if it did give you the heeby jeebies! LOL!

AUTHORHelen Murphy Howell

5 years ago from Fife, Scotland

Hi vampgyrl420, glad you enjoyed the article and thanks for stopping by.

AUTHORHelen Murphy Howell

5 years ago from Fife, Scotland

Thank you Lilleyth, I'm also catching up with Hub Pages after being dormant on the site for quite a few months. I've missed it and can't wait to get reading and writing again.


5 years ago

Great hub, love stuff like this, gave me the heeby jeebies just reading about it lol

Windy Grace Mason

5 years ago from Belle Haven, VA

Very well written, interesting and informative work, Seeker7! Thank you for the great read!

Suzanne Sheffield

5 years ago from Mid-Atlantic

I've been catching up on my Hubpages reading and came across this terrific Hub.

AUTHORHelen Murphy Howell

6 years ago from Fife, Scotland

Hi Michele,

many thanks for stopping by and glad that you enjoyed tour du lịch dubai the hub.

I have to say that grave yards are not usually scary for me either - with maybe the exception of Highgate in London which is huge, overgrown and creepy as hell! But I agree with you about woods. There are always noises and you definitely have the constant feeling of being watched - this is all perfectly natural of course rather than supernatural and is probably the wildlife. But with the woods you always get a sense of something 'other' going on - probably imagination about 90% of the time, but it's the other 10% that scares the crap out of me!!

Michele Travis

6 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio

Hi Seeker7 this is a very scary place. I grew up near a graveyard, but it was very quiet. We could even look at it though the window at night. It wasn't scary for me, but the forest would be a different matter.

AUTHORHelen Murphy Howell

7 years ago from Fife, Scotland

Hi Silvers-Jain8, (I love your nickname - very chic!). Many thanks for your visit and taking the time to leave a comment - it really is appreciated.

I'll tell you one thing - you are very refreshingly honest! LOL! I admire people who aren't afraid to admit to being afraid! I think you folks are more sensible than the rest of us put together!

I'm really glad that you enjoyed the hub and in one sense, if I have given you a scare, then I guess I've done my job not too badly here! LOL! Many thanks again for your visit and I enjoyed reading your comment!


7 years ago from MA

Awesome article and it has done it's job in scaring me. Those place sound so enchanting yet terrifying. Wow the atmosphere of this was excellent! I wouldn't walk through a graveyard, haunted house, or the woods at night. I would choose to forfeit and swing a cab. I'm proud to be a chicken...

AUTHORHelen Murphy Howell

7 years ago from Fife, Scotland

Hello Admiral_Joraxx,

Thank you for another wonderful visit and interesting comment - it is really appreciated.

I think the UK as a whole does have a huge reputation for hauntings. Whether it's because it's and island and/or the environment, the culutre - this may all mix in to make it a very haunted place indeed!

AUTHORHelen Murphy Howell

7 years ago from Fife, Scotland

Hello Kikalina,

Many thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment. Glad that you enjoyed it.


7 years ago from Philippines

There are really a lot of hunted places out there huh? and the tales of those who had lived nearby shapes their creepy legacy. Another great work you have here seeker7. A really great idea of sharing some hunted places. 1 vote up and interesting. =)


7 years ago from Europe

What beautiful images. Ty for this hub.

AUTHORHelen Murphy Howell

7 years ago from Fife, Scotland

Glad that you enjoyed the hub RedElf and yes, I think most of us would rather have the 'Teddy Bears' as some of the creepy things that seem to go on in the woods!


7 years ago from Canada

Well-sourced and thoughtful. Thanks for this terrific article - I had no idea what to expect, but "The Teddy Bear's Picnic" was an awesome lure.

AUTHORHelen Murphy Howell

7 years ago from Fife, Scotland

Hi Kimberly,

Lovely to hear from you and glad that you enjoyed this spooky hub!

I have to agree that many of the stories - although probably have a foundation of truth - have been definitely been added to over the years. There are many hauntings that often have 3 or 4 legends associated with ghosts and spirits that allegedly haunt a place. So here we do have good evidence of most of the stories being largely changed by each generation.

kimberly Crocker

7 years ago from Southern New Hampshire

Spooky ! i love it ! i enjoy hearing the stories behind the " hauntings" they seem to be real life love and lost stories! although im sure some of them have been twisted and turned around through time i still enjoy hearing about them!

AUTHORHelen Murphy Howell

7 years ago from Fife, Scotland

Hi Kitty,

Lovely to hear from you and for writing such a great comment! I have to say that in forests in general, especially about my home, I find relaxing and protective rather than scary. I think a haunted house would be worse, really because I feel there's very few places to run to and a fear of being trapped inside. At least in a forest there's plenty of places to run and hide.

As usual your comments are fascinating and wise!!!

Kitty Fields

7 years ago from Summerland

Ohhhhh...this one might just be my favorite paranormal hub of yours, Seeker! Awesome awesome stories here. Super creepy. And I agree with Alastar Packer, I want to hop on a plane and go for a hike through these forests! The funny thing is, I voted on the least common on your polls...I said I'd rather not walk through a cemetery by myself and that I'd prefer to walk through a forest by myself on a dare. :)

Voted up and awesome, as usual. I've never quite been scared of forests though...more so of haunted houses. Not sure why!

AUTHORHelen Murphy Howell

7 years ago from Fife, Scotland

Hi Tony,

Many thanks for stopping by!

LOL! - okay we'll agree to differ on the spook side! However, I will agree with you 100%, ghosts or not, I would still prefer a forest to any town or city centre when the pubs come out!

Great to hear from you and many thanks for leaving such a great comment!

Tony Mead

7 years ago from Yorkshire

Hi seeker

good hub, very interesting read and well illustrated too.

Personally I don't believe in ghosts and spooks, I've camped out in forests and woods many times, and to be honest I find them very peaceful places. they are not half as scary as a town centre in Britain when the clubs and bars close:)

AUTHORHelen Murphy Howell

7 years ago from Fife, Scotland

Hi CMHypno,

Many thanks for stopping by - it's always great to hear from you!

I agree on both points - certainly many of these haunted woods do go back many thousands of years - who knows what energies have built up there over time. And yes local people do know their locations very well and for me are not as suseptible to suggestion as people who don't know the location. Some of the best accounts of forest hauntings have come from local residents.

AUTHORHelen Murphy Howell

7 years ago from Fife, Scotland

Hi LyricWriter,

Lovely to hear from you and many thanks for stopping by. Glad that you enjoyed the hub!

I think the similarities between some paranormal phenomena and the UFO subject is fascinating!

I'm also like you in that the UFO phenomena does have some extraordinary hard evidence and yet people still refuse to see what is in front of their eyes! Myabe they associate all UFO's with ET, which of course might not be the case.

I think your sighting were fascinating especially seeing them over more than one state. The world seems to be back into a UFO flap again - or maybe it never stopped!


7 years ago from Other Side of the Sun

Interesting hub on haunted forests. As many of these have existed since prehistoric they have so many traditions and legends surrounding them. People are very suggestible, but the stories had to have started somewhere, and lots of country folk who are well used to wildlife and forests have reported hauntings

Richard Ricky Hale

7 years ago from West Virginia

Voted up, awesome, and interesting Seeker. I really an interested in your comparison of ufo hot spots and haunted areas. This is true for many places and it seems that there is something shared between the two. I believe in UFO's. I have seen 4 in my time in 3 different states. I saw the one in Arizona in the mid 2000's, the one many people see. Anyway, with their technology, you have to keep an open mind. I am surprised that so many people fail to believe. The evidence for both of them are now here. I believe they have something in common, but I do not know what. Great article. I commend your hard work.

AUTHORHelen Murphy Howell

7 years ago from Fife, Scotland

Hi Kathy,

It's always a pleasure to hear from you and even greater pleasure to know that you enjoy my hubs.

I agree about mysteries making life that much more interesting. And this is not, as some sceptics imagine, just a way of making life more exciting and that there is nothing mysterious going on - how wrong they are, how closed they are and how dull a perspective on life and the universe they have. But one day I'm sure it will all be made clear even to the hard headed among us.

Many thanks again for your visit and your lovely comments Kathy, it's always appreciated!!! Helen.


7 years ago from The beautiful Napa Valley, California

Hi Seeker. You've really done so much research for this article and you've covered every aspect of what "haunting" is..where it is most likely to be expereinced and/or has been experienced, types of hauntings and images/forms it may take; whether these are familiar or otherwise...the fear factor..different types of phenomena and historical perspective...totally amazing in depth and fact filled! I always love reading your hubs; they are complete and end w/your conclusion; your "take" on the subject at hand. All with an incredibly open mind and approach to a topic which effects all of us in so many different ways and about which we have so many varying opinions....I, personally, happen to agree w/your conclusion(s)...and love the idea of 'things "out there" which we cannot absolutely define or understand.' makes this life that much more intriguing...love it!!!!! UP Awesome Useful Interesting and Beautiful in the complexity and totality w/which you always write, Helen!!!

AUTHORHelen Murphy Howell

7 years ago from Fife, Scotland

Hi goody7,

Many thanks for stopping by and thank you for the lovely comment! I'm really touched and honoured that you have linked my hub with one of yours and I certainly don't mind at all.

Glad that you enjoyed the hub - many thanks once again!

AUTHORHelen Murphy Howell

7 years ago from Fife, Scotland

Hi Alastar,

As usual it's always a pleasure to hear from you and to read your comments - I was especially interested in the parallels between the UK hauntings and those in the USA! It's really interesting about the lynching sights that are haunted like the hanging sights in the UK - this is surely not just coincidence or imagination! People are obviously experiencing the same kind of phenomena at these locations.

The demonic dog is fascinating! I often wonder why evil would choose the shape of 'man's best friend' to manifest? Maybe it's a twisted kind of joke or perhaps it's our minds creating the image. But I honestly don't think, for most of us anyway, that we would use a dog as an image of evil - I certainly wouldn't! I find this one of the most puzzling of mysteries and one that needs to be explored perhaps on a world-wide scale.

As to the first growth forest - I honestly have no idea. I would imagine that there are a few patches dotted across the UK - probably the locations are not on any public route. In Scotland much of the great Caledonian Pine Forests have gone, but the forests that are left are ancient and that's about the sum of my knowledge. But I will try and find out for you.

It was great to hear from you again Alastar. Many thanks for the visit!


7 years ago from over there under the sycamore tree

I find this subject to be totally fascinating, and just in time for Halloween Seeker7. I have put another link from your hub to my own ghostly hub, "which has become known as Ghost Central". Hopefully you'll get even more traffic this way to all of your hubs. If you don't like the link, then just please let me know, and I will remove it for you. Keep on hubbing.

Alastar Packer

7 years ago from North Carolina

Ah, Seeker7 another out-standing paranormal type Hub. This one's every bit as interesting as the recent animal one. Truly, there's nothing I'd like to do better right now than hop a jet to Britain and walk through these forest spots. Especially Pluckly's screaming woods! Something also noticed while reading is the parallel with some of your haunts to ones here. Like the Hermit's cave monk, there are spots where lynchings occurred that are supposedly haunted. Another one of several more is a demonic dog that jumps out of the forest along a certain stretch of road. Btw, does the U.K. have any first growth forest left that your aware of? Thanks for your research and a great read Seeker7.

AUTHORHelen Murphy Howell

7 years ago from Fife, Scotland

Hi Cloverleaf,

Many thanks for the visit. I had goosebumps as well writing the article - it was even worse when I was taking the dog out for a walk - in the woods! It's amazing what your imagination can conjur up!!! I think woodlands are beautiful but they can be very, very creepy!


7 years ago from Calgary, AB, Canada

Eerie pictures and fabulous information! I've got goose bumps now....

Voting up!

AUTHORHelen Murphy Howell

7 years ago from Fife, Scotland

Hi Maren Morgan M-T,

Many thanks for stopping by and glad that you enjoyed the hub!!!

Maren Elizabeth Morgan

7 years ago from Pennsylvania

WOW! Incredibly comprehensive hub! Voted up.

AUTHORHelen Murphy Howell

7 years ago from Fife, Scotland

Hi Eiddwen,

It's always lovely to hear from you! And thank you so much for the lovely compliments!

Do you know, I think if Hub Pages was to fall apart, I honestly don't know how I would cope. Not about my writing, but as you say, it's the wonderful supportive community and all these fabulous poets, authors and writers that make it so special. I've sometimes come onto Hub Pages after a not particularly good day, and within minutes I've forgotten all about that. I have been able to relax and just enjoy the company and as your rightly mention - the Laughter!!!Long may it last.

I'm so glad that you enjoyed the hub and a compliment coming from a wonderful talent such as yourself is indeed a very special complement. Thank you!!

AUTHORHelen Murphy Howell

7 years ago from Fife, Scotland

Hi GypsyRoseLee,

It's always a pleasure to hear from you. Many thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment. Glad that you enjoyed the hub - and sorry about them reminding you of the werewolf movies!!!LOL!! I know everyone goes on about movies and TV, but sometimes I think a good photograph does more for our senses and imagaination than TV and Movies put together. I really liked the full moon photo, even it does give out a kind of supernatarual, creepy feeling to it. And I'm with you, I wouldn't be picking mushrooms or anything else for that matter in some of these locations LOL!!

AUTHORHelen Murphy Howell

7 years ago from Fife, Scotland

Hi AliciaC,

Lovely to hear from you and thanks for leaving a comment. It's interesting how many of us do love to walk in woodlands, but I think most of us are agreed that they do change when darkness comes. I think it's probably an instinct thing as well, that our sense make us more wary at night and maybe our powerful imaginations do the rest!! LOL!

Glad that you enjoyed the hub, many thanks for the visit!

AUTHORHelen Murphy Howell

7 years ago from Fife, Scotland

Hi mythicalstorm273,

Many thanks for stopping by and for taking the time to leave a comment.

It's interesting that it's the people who don't experience the paranormal or the strange that often that get the most frights, rather than someone who has to deal with this all the time.

Glad that you enjoyed the hub.


7 years ago from Wales

Amazingly told,you are indeed a brilliant story teller!!

I often ask myself how did I cope with out HubPages ?

In this warm and caring community we have care,love,compassion,empathy and last but not least; LAUGHTER !!

Also so many gifted writers,poets just like you.

Here's to many more hubs of yours to enjoy.

Take care


Gypsy Rose Lee

7 years ago from Daytona Beach, Florida

I'm glad I didn't read this at night. Those full moon pics made me think of those creepy werewolf movies. Great hub and I refuse to go mushroom picking in those forests. lol

Linda Crampton

7 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

Thanks for an interesting hub and the great ghost stories. I love walking though woods, but they do have a very different atmosphere at night!


7 years ago

I love hauntings and the unknown! You did a very good job of laying out some great stories :-) Still it does not scare me the way it scares so many because I am used to these occurrences. Very well written as well!

AUTHORHelen Murphy Howell

7 years ago from Fife, Scotland

Hi Mr Happy,

You had me laughing so much with your comment about you creeping up the forest as much as it creeps you up! LOL! I'm sure the forest is really pleased to see you!

There is something very special about trees, the foliage, the plants and wildlife within a forest. It has it's own magic and spiritual energy and yes, as you say, it is alive. I find this through all the seasons. The energy seems to change through each season as the plants and animals change. I never wondered why our ancestors found so much magic in the forests. When you visit a woodland it's very obvious why our ancestors revered them.

I loved the name Boggy Woods as well - that made me laugh when I first heard it. Not sure I would be laughing so much if I visited the place on a dark night however!

I just read the part of your comment about "being nervy and looking over my shoulder". Do you know I hadn't actually thought about this to any great extent and really put it down to imagination. But interestingly, the same thing has happened, in the same area, on a beautiful sunshine day when the woods look anything but creepy - in fact the look friendly and inviting, and this is the feeling you generally get from them. This is especially true with the much older woodland of Harron Hill Wood. And this has got me thinking as well. I've been through Harron when it's been misty, snowy, foggy, thunder & lightening etc and I've never once felt anything other than safe? I've never experienced any nerves like I do with the other wood. How odd is that? I had honestly never thought about these things before. You've left me a lot to think about here - many thanks for that!! And glad that you enjoyed the hub!! I really love reading your accounts and comments, they are always stimulating and thought provoking!!

AUTHORHelen Murphy Howell

7 years ago from Fife, Scotland

1. Hi Silva - many thanks for stopping by and glad that you enjoyed the hub - even it was creepy!!!LOL!

2. Hi guia2011 - glad that you enjoyed the hub. Many thanks for stopping by.

AUTHORHelen Murphy Howell

7 years ago from Fife, Scotland

Hi Lilian1,

Lovely to hear from you! And you are right about night time. Even if you're walking through familiar streets and a power cut comes on, how creepily different does everything sound and look? I reckon it must be an instinct thing to be more fearful and wary in the dark. But woods are definitely frightening at times, no doubt about it!

Great to hear from you.


7 years ago from Philippines

Wow! I love your hub!

Silva Hayes

7 years ago from Spicewood, Texas

Lovely hub. C-r-e-e-p-y! Voted up and interesting.

Mr. Happy

7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

I just noticed your comment saying that "I've still been nervy, looked over my shoulder a few times" ... Your body knows the truth (even though the mind says something else). : )

Mr. Happy

7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

Forests are indeed alive - I do love them for that. As I have said many times: "I feel at home in the forest". I think I creep-up the forest just as it creeps me up at times - I've heard a wild chicken make some sounds once, that left me speechless - I couldn't believe it was a chicken (of sorts) that I was staring at.

Forests are magical, I love them. And I must say that I love the names you have for your forests, like Boggy Woods ... lol That name alone can bring the Spirits out.

Awesome piece of writing - I fully enjoyed it. I might even have to visit now - you got me interested. Cheers!


7 years ago from Hertfordshire England

I love your hubs I could never contemplate walking in ANY wood at night !!! its true at night everything sounds so much worse !!!!

AUTHORHelen Murphy Howell

7 years ago from Fife, Scotland

Hi moviemaster,

I'm like you I love to have a walk through the woods with the dogs and each season the woods have something different to show. But I'm not sure I would like it so much being along in the dark - I think my imagination would run riot and scare the crap out of me!!!LOL!

AUTHORHelen Murphy Howell

7 years ago from Fife, Scotland

Hi Rosemay,

Lovely to hear from you and glad that you enjoyed the hub!

AUTHORHelen Murphy Howell

7 years ago from Fife, Scotland

Hi femmeflashpoint,

Lovely to hear from you.

Following on from your point about suggestion it is very interesting! I've walked in my local woods since I was a kid, I'm 49 now and obviously I know them well. But I've been through these same woods, when the mist has been thick and no one else was around. I know that nothing is there - nothing paranormal that is, but I've still been nervy, looked over my shoulder a few times and have been very glad that I've had the dogs with me. The power of the mind and suggestion, coupled with nature's beautiful effects make for a very creepy, if natural experience. But as you say, the impact it has on you, whether ghostly or not is frightening.

AUTHORHelen Murphy Howell

7 years ago from Fife, Scotland

Hi Nell,

LOL!!!! I live in a rural area and I've been caught out by foxes as well - what an unearthly noise they make at times! I have to agree - I think the 'screaming woods' because nothing else has been seen, is probably due to animals. Even some birds can make the oddest of noises.

Glas that you liked the hub and many thanks for the vote up! It's always a great pleasure to hear from you.

AUTHORHelen Murphy Howell

7 years ago from Fife, Scotland

Hi Moonlake,

I can't make up my mind between a cemetery or a forest at night-time. If the cemetery is very old they are creepy as hell, even although, despite what they look like, there usually isn't much PA happens. So maybe I would just take my changes and go for the gravesites to walk through rather than the woods.

Even it was a UFO rather than a ghost being observed in a wood, this is still scary!! It's really interest how many woodlands - all over the world - have many accounts of strange lights and crafts in the vicinty of woods. Maybe 'they' figure it's easier to hide there?

AUTHORHelen Murphy Howell

7 years ago from Fife, Scotland

Hi poshcoffeeco.

Glad that you stopped by and thanks for taking the time to leave a comment!

The account of the Peterborough 'Wild Hunt' is fascinating and quite well known, although the account is an old one. If you hear more or when you find out more about this I would love to know all about it, as it's a fascinating subject - but as you rightly say, very creepy!!!

AUTHORHelen Murphy Howell

7 years ago from Fife, Scotland

Hi writer20,

Many thanks for stopping by and glad that you enjoyed the hub.

I think woods and forests - as much as I adore them - are creepy at times even when they are not haunted. The atmosphere can change in them so quickly depending on the weather and lack or sunlight.

Movie Master

7 years ago from United Kingdom

Hi Seeker7, Spooky and fasinating stuff, a great read.

I wouldn't like to be anywhere near a forest in the dark, I think they are the scariest places.

In daylight they are one of my favourite places!

Many thanks for sharing and voting up.

Rosemary Sadler

7 years ago from Hawkes Bay - NewZealand

I love these hubs of yours, I find them fascinating.

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7 years ago

I love reading stuff like this. And, I agree that hype and suggestion play into what people experience in these places. That's not to say that all experiences like those reported in the article are imagined.

Imagined or not, for the one experiencing them, I'm sure they were real enough to make an impact.

Good hub!

Nell Rose

7 years ago from England

Hi, this was great! I love anything like this, The Hunt is also said to be the fairy king and queen moving locations, as they do once a year, or so its said. I am sure a lot of the screeches heard are probably owls or even a fox. One night, I opened my window and there was the most awful howling and screeching going on, my son even went out, 3 in the morning!, to take a look, it sounded like a woman being strangled! screaming at the top of her voice in a very eerie tone, it turned out to be a fox! stupid thing frightened the life out of me! lol but great info, rated up! cheers nell


7 years ago from America

Enjoyed your hub.

I don't worry about walking through the woods, other then wild animals. A cemetery or haunted house is another story I don't want to do that. My husband and his friend once saw what they think was a ghost come from the woods. I have never seen ghost. UFO, yes.

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Steve Mitchell

7 years ago from Cambridgeshire

Very interesting hub. I live in Peterborough and have never heard of the Wild Hunt so I will be researching that one. Scary or what Seeker7.

Moon Daisy

7 years ago from London

I love forests, I have a strange attraction towards them, and find them very spiritual places. And I really love your photos, especially that first one! It's haunting, raw, magical and beautiful, and is that a mysterious figure I see towards the left of the photo?

When I lived in Canterbury there were woods nearby, and one of them was rumoured to be used by covens of witches performing rituals. That didn't put me off at all of course, and I loved wandering through them. Going there at night would probably have been a slightly different matter, but only because, like you say, darkness, shadows and strange wild noises change everything..

Our garden is also a different place in the darkness. Then it belongs to the foxes and scampering creatures!

Great hub, and great photos, sending chills down my spine. (But in a good way). Thumbs up and beautiful.

Joyce Haragsim

7 years ago from Southern Nevada

it's amazing what you learn when you've left your own country.

This is a great creepy hub. great writing