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If you could live in any state in America, where would you go? Ft. Tuthill County Park is a massive 413-acres and has multi-use trails, fairgrounds, picnic ramadas, athletic courts, a campground, and a horse arena, as well as the Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course and Pine Mountain Amphitheater, where outdoor concerts and festivals are held throughout the spring, summer, and fall.

The good news is that when it does snow in the phoenix az area , people have fun with it. In fact, locals tend to remember the last time it snowed quite fondly and vividly. We have the same problem of over population in the state we live in, so people try to tell all the negatives about living here so that they won't come.

Pros: If you remember SAT questions Scottsdale : Phoenix :: Peoria : Glendale Cons: It seems like a suburb of a suburb (Glendale). My cons about Tucson-Lack of more freeways makes it a stoplight city a lot of the time. The temperature in summer is about 111°F and sometimes it is possible to feel how asphalt melts under your feet.

PROS: Affordable big city with college veneer (University of Arizona) and Latino flavor. This durable, water-resistant topographic map goes with me every time I hike around Flagstaff. If you like hot summers and mild winters, then Peoria, AZ is the place for you. Now that we're so accustomed to it, when we drive in another city, it feels like people are going super fast.

We considered the average income for each city on our list as well as the percentage of residents who attended some college, since this can directly affect wages. It generally costs more in time and money to set up and fund a revocable living trust than to simply write a will.

For retirees who live on a fixed income, moving to Phoenix can be ideal due to the reasonable cost of living balanced with a number of amenities available. So pack your bags and get moving to Arizona Tucson, that is. You can enjoy the heat of the desert, the cool weather of higher elevations, or be in close proximity to Las Vegas if you prefer.